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Exotic  Scent  Collection

A family of scents that exude notes of ancient spices, alluring resins, and spiritual temples. 

If you love the existential scents of cloves, frankincense, coriander, and myrrh,

these will be your faves!

Monks library scent comes in candles and perfumes, handmade by Austin Press in San Francisco.

Monk’s   Library


 Cloister Walls, Ancient Manuscripts, 

Sacred Chants, and Arabian Myrrh 


The Monks live on a quiet hillside sanctuary 

where they are dedicated to prayer, song, 

and study, without interruption. To those 

outside the cloister walls, these men are a 

mystery. But that suits them well. Bergamot 

and sage cover the fields just beyond the 

only window that gives light to the library. 

Incense made of lavender, geranium, and 

clove fill the room. Heavy cedar and balsam 

shelves house a collection of ancient books, 

providing the perfect ambiance 

for pensive contemplation.

Artist’s  Studio

Jasmine Tea, Chocolate Nibs, 

Exotic Oud, Egyptian Musk, and Patchouli


The Artist spends most of her days in 

her studio, quiet and focused, only the notes 

of Erik Satie break the silence. She works 

with a myriad of materials, all selected for their

intrinsic beauty. Nothing is taken for granted.

Her space is a floriental experience, Roses and

pink jasmine clustered in a delft blue dutch 

vase sit next to a bowl of dark chocolate nibs,

a 2 o’clock necessity. Her long work table 

exudes scents of precious woods while thick

cotton papers throw a dry musk into the air.

Artist's  studio scent comes in candles and perfumes, handmade by Austin Press in San Francisco.

Spider’s   Web

Black Currant, Bitter Orange, 

Oak Moss, and Amyris


For over 100 million years the spider

has woven it’s silky, protective web that 

glistens when touched by the sun and 

water. So pretty and light, sticky and 

seductive, we cannot resist its pull. The 

spider waits patiently at the center, where 

the lines converge and the hypnosis begins. 

Have mercy on us spider, for we have fallen

under your spell by no fault of our own.

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