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Botanical  Scent  Collection

A family of scents that exude notes of tiny florals, green herbs, and tangy fruits.

If you love the romantic scents of Bulgarian roses, soft vanillas, and animalistic musks,

these will be your faves!

Ladie's   Cabin 


Field Flowers, Chopped Logs, 

Summer Herbs, & a Flowing River


The ladies of the cabin all wear cotton

dresses and collect wildflowers in pale purple

mason jars. They braid each other’s hair as

they sit on chunky logs covered with ladybugs

and soft moss. Their secret forest hide away

made from dovetailed cedar, is loved for the

fresh air, surrounding evergreens, honeysuckle, 

wild blue bells, and tall grass. The nearby lemon 

grove provides them with an endless supply 

of food, drink, and medicine. Here in this 

cabin, they have everything they need.

Circus  Girl’s Trailer


 Bulgarian Roses, Purple Lilac, 

Musky Velvet, and Clove Cigarettes 


Her trailer is akin to a feminine curiosity

cabinet. Lusty, yet sweet. Luring, yet aloof.

French perfume permeates velvet and tulle.

Tobacco and clove linger from late night 

kreteks. A touch of freshness is supplied by a

bouquet of roses, lilac, ylang, and hyacinth. 

A love note is dropped on the floor by yet 

another admirer. After a long night in the 

tent, she shares a glass of sherry with her 

best girl. Together they smile and dream 

about where they will venture to next.

Circus girls trailer scent comes in candles and perfumes, handmade by Austin Press in San Francisco.

Bird’s   Nest 

Lavender, Clary Sage, Petitgrain, 

Frankincense, Patchouli, and Cedarwood

Carefully made of twigs, leaves, and 

foraged bits of nature, the bird’s nest is 

perhaps the coziest of all homes. Soft and 

crunchy, unique and spontaneous, earthy 

and fortified, the process evolves. Safely 

integrated into nature’s height of towering 

trees, the birds look down upon us. They

lay their eggs, feed their babies, learn 

to fly, and on occasion tease the cats.

Bird's nest scent comes in candles and perfumes, handmade by Austin Press in San Francisco.