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Kim Austin in her studio at her vintage letter press

L ocated in the historic Pier 70 shipyard of San Francisco,

Kimberly Austin makes beautifully crafted ephemera, 

apothecary, and candles with old world charm.


Bespoke stationery pressed on thick cotton papers

with vintage presses. Aromatic candles poured with

botanical wax and cotton wicks. Nuanced perfumes based

in organic alcohol. And natural soaps hand crafted 

with mountain clay and nourishing vegetable oils.


AP offers a rich assortment of artisan objects just for you.

Find the perfect gift for a birthday, wedding, or holiday.

 Or treat yourself to some well deserved self care.

Please enjoy perusing the site.

* * * * *

Shop The Austin Press Collection Online - Beautifully crafted gifts with old world charm. Handmade stationery gift sets, natural botanical candles, nuanced perfumes, artisan natural soaps and objet d'art.  Letterpress stationery for holidays, birthdays, weddings and thank you cards with monograms.

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