Earthen  Scent  Collection

A family of scents that exude notes of exotic woods, earthy resins, and damp dirt.

If you love the deeper scents of amber, vetiver, sandalwood, and patchouli,

these will be your faves!

Forager’s   Woods  


 Wet Dirt, Forest Florals, Neroli,

Coriander, and Woody Sandalwood 


Wandering  upon moist, dark soil, the 

forager discovers a world of medicine, 

nourishment, and magic. The ambiance of 

tall redwoods, wet bark, exotic fern, and 

tiny forest floor florals, guide him along 

the way. A mushroom here, a berry there, 

an edible green to round out a meal. 

The process of finding, picking, walking,

and breathing enlightens his heart 

and energizes his soul.